Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My birthday!

Today was  a great birthday!  Mark woke me up with breakfast in bed and later cupcakes.  We had dinner tonight at Ninfa's with Megan and Greg and Mark spoiled me with way too many presents!

He got me a nursing school joke t-shirt:

(It says "What would Flo do?" and has a picture of Florence Nightengale)

A really neat Camelback insulated water bottle - which is perfect for class since I try to always have a lot of water.  I put ice in it last night and when I woke up, the ice was still there!  Talk about good insulation!

And finally, some Chaco flipflops.  Mark loves his Chacos and always tells me I need some, so he took this opportunity to get me some.  They are teal zebra!!

Thank you, Mark for a fabulous birthday!!!

Tomorrow I'm back to Dallas - complete with birthday cake from Panini.  Yummm!!!


Anonymous said...

So glad it was a great day! Love you - Edith & Mike

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