Monday, January 5, 2009

Some of our Christmas Loot!

We were very fortunate this year and received gifts aplenty!

Some of Mark's include:

Sirius Satellite Radio:

A King Ranch Duffle:

Mini Duff:

A Big Bottle of Crown:

a neat grill set:

some Christmas money spent on these:

and some of Lauren's:

a cute & trendy Tory Burch purse:
some Christmas dishes:


New perfume:

a day after Christmas Reitmeier women surprise (Lindsay & Edith have similar ones):

a cute apron I can't wait to wear!

...and so much more!
We are so blessed - thank you so much to everyone who made this such a great Christmas. We love you!!

Christmas adventures...and a fire.

We've had an exciting past few weeks - sorry about the lack of posts!!

Our Christmas season started out with a viewing of the Nutcracker at Waco Hall. The ballet company was from Russia, so I figured they should be pretty good. It was a lot of fun and we had great seats!

We also took a weekend getaway to San Antonio and stayed at a wonderful boutique hotel on the Riverwalk, Hotel Contessa. We stayed there right after it opened for KOT semi-formal Mark's senior year and knew we loved it. It's a really fun hotel, and it had its suites 1/2 off!

We got there early Saturday morning, wandered along the riverwalk, had Margaritas and Mexican food for lunch, visited the Alamo, and then relaxed at the hotel that night. We ate at the restaurant in the hotel and had a wonderful meal. Mark had his first mussels (he liked them) and we finished the meal off with some churros.

We came back to Waco with everything ready for Christmas - all the presents were wrapped in coordinating colors...
and I managed to keep our tree alive with all ornaments in tact! Our first Christmas was going great...until Mark called me at work the afternoon of the 23rd to tell me to come home quickly.

It turns out that the back wall of our apartment houses all of the electrical boxes for our entire building - about 10 units. One of the wires from another unit caught on fire and had started to smoke and burn inside of OUR wall. Luckily, Mark was not in class and he was able to call the fire department (after putting Rocky in his truck, safely away from the smoke). Mark grabbed our laptops before the fire department arrived with about 6 different engines! [I guess Mark now knows his answer to the question what would you grab in a fire: the cat and the computers!]

We were very fortunate that we caught the fire when we did - we ended up with a hole in our wall, but nothing burned, all Christmas presents were salvaged, and none of my beautiful Christmas ornaments were broken!

Crisis averted!! We enjoyed a great Christmas Eve in Dallas - Mark experienced his first Sims/Hendricks Christmas Eve mayhem - and we were blessed by very generous presents.
We stayed in Dallas for Christmas Day lunch and then headed back to Waco for a Colvin Christmas.

I made it through about the first 2 rounds of gift opening before I got sick and spent the rest of the night puking. No fun - and I missed getting to see what everyone got!!

Lindsay and Nick were in Waco through January 3rd so even though we were not planning on an extended stay in McGregor - we had a fun time spending Christmas with them..and Mark and Nick especially enjoyed playing their new FIFA soccer game on the big screen!

We also went to Barkin' Ball on New Year's Eve - a fun change from our usual pj's and Eastern Time New Year's!

We're back at our apartment now - the plywood on the wall is holding up well! - and we're very lucky to have such a generous and loving family, and to still have our apartment. All in all, this was a great first Christmas!

ps - If you are looking for a good way to get rid of fruit flies - a glass of Screw Kappa Nappa works well!

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