Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our First Tree - part 2

And here is the finished tree - complete with a few presents already under the tree!

It was great to have several nice ornaments to add to the tree this year! Thanks mom for collecting ornaments over the years for me - they look great!

Our First Tree - part 1

We finally have our first Christmas tree up and decorated! It took a couple tree stands and a few days - but Christmas has fully arrived at our home. Above is a picture of how the tree looked last night - the tree stand was too big and the tree had a definite list to it.

The tree doesn't have a topper yet - that's because he commandeered the topper I originally got - a peacock with a great feather tail that matched our ornaments. Rocky found it before I had even taken it out of the Target bag. We decided it was easier to just let him have it rather than try to keep him from climbing the tree! Here you can see him with his new toy.

And here are some in progress decorating pictures...

Christmas Inspiration

Megan and I are headed out to Deck the Halls tomorrow morning and then on to Target, Pier1, Lane's and a couple of other places to pick up some great Christmas decorations and presents.

ps - Mark and I made a stop at Walmart this afternoon to pick up a tiny (well, not too tiny) Christmas tree. It doesn't quite fit in the first tree stand, but I'm determined to have it complete by tomorrow evening - look for posts then!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Chef

Do you love Top Chef as much as we do? Check out this website for the most in depth analysis of a reality show...ever. But seriously, it's a good read.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm loving right now...

These cashmere gloves and matching scarf.

This frame from Bluefly.

These kate spade holiday plates. [The peppermint ones are cute too!]

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