Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Minimester almost done!

Well, I still don't have a camera battery, so no pictures in this post.  Sorry!

I'm 3 weeks in to my classes - and have already taken 1 final (and made an A on it!).  Tomorrow morning is my lab practical final, and Friday is another final.  By noon on Friday, I will have completed 6 hours of my nursing credits. (Foundations of Nursing and Health Assessment)

I think the hardest part is actually figuring out how to prioritize what to study/do and what to ignore.  There is just no way that you could possible process all the knowledge.  Maybe that is on purpose!

I really like school - there are some great people in my program (which is nice considering I spend more time with them than with Mark) and I reaffirmed the fact that if I could be a professional student for my whole life, I would do that!  It's never boring, and I love learning. Is it weird that I have missed being in school for the past 3 years?!

On Monday, we will start The Maturing Family (gerontology), and Professional Practice (this class teaches basic nursing skills like shots, IVs, etc...I think.)  Don't worry - in another 3 weeks I'll have 3 more hours completed!

Sorry this isn't that exciting - just a short update on nursing school.

I promise to try to take duplex pictures this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for having another nurse in the family! It's been pretty lonely. . . Mom/Edith

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