Thursday, September 30, 2010

My first project

I finally have all my supplies together for my first sewing project. Tonight I am working on cutting out all the pieces - which I am convinced will be my least favorite part (notice the cutting mat with a lot of straight lines and the huge ruler. The ONLY way I would have a prayer of straight lines).

So far I have the 4 pieces of Peltec (heavy stabilizer for the middle) and one of the eight pieces of placemat.

I'm very pleased with the first piece- hopefully the rest will be straight.

My goal is to finish this weekend. I'll post pictures of the final product when I get there.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


In celebration of the "cold" front making its way from the north(not that it is actually cold outside), some fall touches have been added.

"Mark's dishes" - our Spode Woodland - have been placed on display.

[All of the serving pieces have me itching to host Thanksgiving!]

Happy Fall!

(yes, I realize most people don't change their dishes with the seasons. We do. It makes me happy!)

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