Saturday, February 13, 2010


We started our homemade Valentine's Day weekend tonight with mussels. The past few years we've opted to stay in for Valentine's Day instead of going out into crowded and over priced restaurants.

Suprisingly, the HEB in Waco does sell mussels - and the seafood guy even picked out the already dead ones. We only had to throw away 4 of them before they were steamed - and all of the ones we steamed opened.

Another bonus - mussels are pretty cheap, only around $4 a pound. I got 1.5 pounds and it was plenty for us!

This time I did a very simple version, only butter, white wine, shallots and garlic. It was very good - especially when the broth was soaked up with toasted bread. Next time I am thinking about a spicy thai version. You can bet there will be a next time!

ps - Mark LOVED this dinner. I'm guessing it will be a recurring dinner in our house!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Valentine's Day dinner - cheese and chocolate fondue. A tradition!

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