Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sic 'em Sixteen!

Mark and I are lucky enough to be at the Baylor basketball games this weekend in Houston. We left Waco around lunchtime, made it to Houston in plenty of time to check-in to our hotel room, and then we were off to the Baylor pre-game Pep Rally! It was great - complete with hot dogs and sausage (Mark was pleasantly surprised with the jalapeno cheddar sausage), cookies, and drinks. Much cheaper than getting it at the game.

We got in the gates and into our (GREAT) seats in plenty of time to watch the dueling bands (mainly St. Mary's at this point) and the teams warm up. {Let's not forget the St. Mary's woodblock band player. Yikes. A FEATURE of every single song they played.}

There were a TON of Baylor fans at the game - it really was truly a Baylor "home" game! I was so glad that all of the Baylor fans showed up in their green and gold.

Baylor dominated the game from the beginning -and it was a lot of fun to watch. It was nice to never really have to worry about the outcome and just enjoy how great Baylor's team is this year. The picture below shows just how lopsided the final score was 72-49 and even that is a little deceptive since we lead by as much as 35 points in the second half and played our entire bench for the last 3 minutes (Way to go, Dragan the Croat !)

A BIG thanks to our benefactors!

Oh, and an added bonus to the Baylor win - Mark got to watch his Duke Blue Devils win also. (He even brought his Duke basketball t-shirt in case he needed to wear it instead of green and gold on Sunday...luckily he doesn't have to!)


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