Monday, March 1, 2010

Mouse Catcher

We have a new Mouse Trap on our hands...Rocky!!!

This morning I woke up...and almost stepped on a mouse. Rocky killed the mouse and left it in the middle of the bedroom doorway - to ensure that we would see his prize. He was very proud of himself, and we made sure that he was adequately praised (including treats). This was the first mouse he has killed. He's gotten his fair share of crickets (He doesn't usually eat them unless they prove especially hard to catch. Usually you just find the body and the legs pulled off a few inches away. We like to think this is because the chirping drives him crazy and he knows the legs are the source of the chirping.), a few other bugs, but nothing else.

Mark is our mouse catcher in training - he got a baby tonight...caught in my shoe. After the second mouse appearance, we did a thorough search and think we have found the source of the problem.

Unfortunately for Rocky, we are on to his hunt, and have now zip tied those cabinets so he can't open them and let the mice free.

I think I will be just fine to keep his mice kill count to one.

Oh, and Mark considers "outside kitty" the first line of defense...the forward operating base.


Nick and Lindsay said...

It sounds like "outside kitty" needs some better intel...and maybe a name? Way to go Rocky! Your dad and grandad must be very proud of your hunting prowess.

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