Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been a month...

Well, it's been a month so I guess it's time for another blog post! Mark graduated from law school this month!

I've been working on getting him to do a post - but that hasn't worked out very well so far!! [I promise I would post more if I could from work...sorry to all of you who don't have Google Reader and actually check the blog!]

I don't have great pictures from graduation - I was counting on the professionals to take the really good pics - but it was a fun time! Mark was decked out in doctoral regalia - complete with purple velvet stripes (indicative of the school of law), a funny hat (not a mortar board - he's too advanced for that!), and he was hooded with a hood of purple, green, and gold. He looked very distinguished in the highest level of regalia! I promise I'll post pictures soon!

We also enjoyed a "mini-vacation," as I like to call it, last weekend at the Reitmeier's while they were visiting Lindsay in South Carolina. We took Rocky out to McGregor, I laid out by the pool all weekend and got a nice tan, Mark took full advantage of the media room, we grilled by the pool, and a good time was had by all. You can bet that we'll be back at our free vacation home (only 15 min away!) Memorial Day weekend while they are at Nick's sister's wedding.

In other new news - I LOVE the market tote that Lindsay got Edith for Mother's day. Apparently they are all the rage in the south (but you have to monogram yours, of course!)...and actually they are from the same company of the reusable bag I got in my stocking. Look how cute this is...I can already think of a million uses for it! Lindsay - what a cute idea! Find it here.

And you all know I love recipes - here is a great one for margaritas on the rocks:

1 can frozen limeade
2 cans of water
1 can tequila
1/2 triple sec

Mix and pour into glasses with ice. Enjoy!


Nick and Lindsay said...

Lauren - I'm so glad you liked Mom's gift! You have a birthday coming up, huh?...I really love the pattern on the one you showed. Wish I could have found that here! I'm getting excited for y'all to come visit in July!!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. I have a great shot of you two in Waco Hall foyer just after gradutation - while Mark's still in full regalia. :) Just, um, I'll need you to get the picture from my camera to the computer to your computer next time you're here.

We are so proud of our J.D.! A portion of the degree goes to Lauren for getting Mark through it all!

Thanks to both of you for watching over the place while we're gone.

And it is a good margarita recipe, isn't it? ;) Love - Mom

Suzanne said...

CONGRATS to BOTH of you for surviving Law School!!! How wonderful to have accomplished such an incredible goal! Way to go Mark (and Lauren, too!)

Oh and that margarita recipe looks yummy. It makes me want to drive to Waco to have happy hour with you and Megan!

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