Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goat Milk Soap

Oh my gosh - I LOVE my goat milk soap that I ordered. Megan and I joke that we're green when the stuff is cute...but this soap is AMAZING! It is so moisturizing and it smells good. I had a couple of dry spots that I couldn't get to go away - even with Cetaphil lotion - but this soap did it the very first time. If you have dry skin or sensative skin - or want a soap that doesn't have chemicals and drying agents - this is the soap for you!

Also - you can order it as a loofah - I highly recommend the Pink Grapefruit loofah!

Find goat milk soap at


Anonymous said...

I find this very amusing because of the way Mark is about goat's milk, goat cheese, etc. Edith (Mom)

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