Monday, July 25, 2011

Baltimore & Washington D.C

Mark's job training was in Baltimore...last August.  The timing worked out where I could visit during my "summer break".  We also took advantage of the proximity of Mark's Aunt Susan & Uncle Gary in D.C. for a weekend getaway (complete with Amtrak).  We were so thankful for their hospitality!

Yes, I realize I'm a little bit late posting these.  I was a little bit busy last year.  And now I'll start the photo dumping

Mo's Crab Shack

Julia Child exhibit at the Smithsonian.  I left early Friday morning for D.C with Mark joining me after work that day.  Thus, I did a lot of "museuming" on my own - perfect for the museum lover that I am.
Friday night we had Ethiopian food (meh - not my favorite, but now I've tried it) and then we set out to find the Masonic Temple in the surrounding neighborhood. 

 It was dark, so the pictures aren't great - but Mark loved every minute of it!  We finished off Friday night with Ben's Chili Bowl - and are still talking about those great chili dogs a year later!

Saturday started with a tour of the Capitol

Supreme Court

Saturday evening we had some yummy fondue with Susan, Gary, Phoebe, and Toby.  Thanks guys!

FDR Memorial
Korean Memorial

View of Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial

And the monuments tour would not be complete without Albert Einstein (at the National Academy of Sciences) - Mark and Uncle Gary deep in conversation.

We returned to Baltimore on Sunday afternoon (catching the Amtrak at Union Station!)

Baltimore Harbor

Annabelle Lee Tavern - complete with duck fat fries.  Totally worth the crazy cab ride.

We also met up with Michael and Rebecca for dinner one night - but I don't have pictures of that :(


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