Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mark's dream

Mark had a dream last night...that he was having an in-depth discussion with the Manchester United soccer team coach, Sir Alex.  They discussed "Giggsy" and "Scholesy" and also why Carrick wasn't playing.  Well, Giggs and Scholes both started and Carrick came on as a sub.  So who knows, maybe Mark is an assistant Manchester United coach, subcontracted in his dreams.

In other news, I owe all of you Baltimore and updated house pictures.  Also, I am know a proud owner of a Janome sewing machine.  I've bought the fabric for place mats and am hoping to have those at least started by next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Did he have these discussions out loud? As his mother, I can tell everyone that this is entirely possible, as I have heard him have many discussions in his sleep. Hope he didn't wake you, Lauren. ;) Edith

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