Monday, January 5, 2009

Some of our Christmas Loot!

We were very fortunate this year and received gifts aplenty!

Some of Mark's include:

Sirius Satellite Radio:

A King Ranch Duffle:

Mini Duff:

A Big Bottle of Crown:

a neat grill set:

some Christmas money spent on these:

and some of Lauren's:

a cute & trendy Tory Burch purse:
some Christmas dishes:


New perfume:

a day after Christmas Reitmeier women surprise (Lindsay & Edith have similar ones):

a cute apron I can't wait to wear!

...and so much more!
We are so blessed - thank you so much to everyone who made this such a great Christmas. We love you!!


Suz said...

Such fun presents!! Yay for Christmas!!

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